by romagroomer

My dog runs to the door each time the phone rings because we order delivery so often.

My dog lays down for big dogs and for tiny dogs each time we pass one on the street.

My dog toots when he presses into a standing position.

My dog plays with his treats before eating them. That’s how I know he really likes it.

My dog growls and chirps in his sleep.

My dog hasn’t found his balance when peeing with a leg raised so he arches his back and wavers.

My dog hides under the coffee table when it is time for me to go to work.

When I stop petting my dog and he wants me to keep going, he paws at my hand until I start again.

When my dog is very comfortable and sitting while I pet him, he sometimes falls asleep and tips over. Just now, while I was writing this, it happened.

My dog pees when he is excited, it looks like a Jackson Pollock painting because he runs and wiggles while he does it.