And, things changed.

by romagroomer

I haven’t always had a dog, but I had wanted one for about 15 years. And then it happened. He came home. It was absolutely wonderful! And, things changed.

Before, I slept in until 10 or 11 in the morning on the weekends. I treasured my morning dreams while the soft sunlight filtered through my blinds. It was almost magical to wake up and lay in bed on Saturday morning. When the puppy came home, I celebrated sleeping until 7am. I do not dream in the glow of the morning sun any more, but I also do not need to use an alarm clock…ever. I’d rather wake up to gentle puppy kisses and the slowly racing tail wag of my pup than to the abrupt beeping of an alarm clock-even if it is before the rest of the world wakes up!

Before, I would only go outside in the morning when it was time to leave my house. Since the arrival of my pup, I have explored my neighborhood and discovered a whole new adoration for it. I have seen the sun hit the Hollywood sign in a way that makes it look like it is lit. I have seen deer and coyotes and discovered local hiking trails. Before, a squirrel was just a fuzzy creature in the trees and now-well, now it is a fuzzy-toy-that-my-puppy-must-have in the trees! Before, a poop mound on the side walk was something to carefully avoid stepping in and now a poop mound on the side walk belongs to my puppy and I clean it up. Before, a walk was usually to go grab food and drinks with friends. Now-wait, that hasn’t really changed! But, it also is something that I look forward to doing with my dog each day, right after he wakes up at 6:30 in the morning.

Before, I used to get out of the shower and step onto the floor mat to protect my toes from the cold tile. Now, I step onto the very corner of the mat as my puppy is usually laying peacefully in the middle of it, just waiting for me to get out.

Before, I used to eat my meals without an audience. My puppy likes to sit, tilt his head and stare at me while I eat. It is as if the food I am consuming is the last bite available on earth. I, of course, can not resist the will of his sweet eyes, so I always share.

Before, when I misplaced my shirt, my shoes or my sweater I only had myself to blame. Now, I find my belongings stashed in hiding places where I certainly did not leave them. This phenomenon makes it much more difficult to locate the match to my flip flop. Which brings me to my next change. Before, I used to buy flip flops about once a year. Now I buy them every couple of months due to them tasting quite delicious.

Before, when I had a long day and got home from work-I’d still think about my day. Now, when I walk through the door and the little one wiggles his butt and walks in circles around me…I forget everything. There is truly nothing like seeing his face when I have had a difficult day.

Before, there was a lot of room on our favorite chair. Now, the three of us tetris our way into fitting on it together.

Before, when invited to go do something with friends, I’d just go. Now I ask if my dog can come, too! Hiking is more fun. Running is more fun. Pool parties are more fun. Dinner parties are more fun. Having a dog just makes life more fun!

Before, I’d watch a movie when I wanted to not think about things for a while and escape to another world. Now, I watch my dog play with a toy or another dog and before I know it I am narrating his thoughts and disappearing into his world.

Before, when I walked around the house the only thing that followed me was my shadow. Now, everywhere I go there are tiny curious footsteps beside me and my shadow.

Things were different before. I was able to do anything I wanted, whenever I wanted to do it and however I wanted to do it. But now, I have this amazing dog that changed it all. And, I wouldn’t change any of the changes, for anything!