First Aid Supplies Every Dog Owner Should Have

by romagroomer

First-Aid-for-Your-PetYou most likely have a medicine cabinet in your bathroom with first aid supplies like Band-aids, Rubbing Alcohol and Neosporin. Every pet owner should have a few basic pet first aid supplies in their medicine cabinet as well.  The recommended items are:

Self-Cling Bandage or Gauze Roll


Antiseptic Wipes or Spray

Topical Antibiotic Ointment

Hot/Cold Pack

Insect Sting Relief Wipes

Hydrogen Peroxide [for inducing vomit. Always contact your veterinarian before inducing vomiting]


Cotton Balls

Dog Booties to cover injured feet

Your pet’s vaccination documentation

The phone number for your Veterinarian

If your pet is prone to allergies, it is also good to have plain Benadryl available.

Many pet stores and online vendors have ready made kits for in your home, for traveling and for in your car. Purchasing a first aid book about pet first aid is highly recommended as well. Accidents happen, and when they do it is best to be prepared!