Coyotes in California – Protect your Pet

by romagroomer

coyote-safetyThere are many urban landscapes in California that are home to Coyotes and Humans alike. Most coyotes have a home range of about 8 miles and they can be spotted at any time of day. Typically they are seen trotting through neighborhoods at dusk and at dawn. Coyotes are naturally curious, however they will usually retreat when challenged by a human. Given that over half of the homes in America have a dog, there is a good chance that your pet will encounter a Coyote. When walking your dog or allowing your pet time in the back yard, remember a few helpful tips to keep them safe from a coyote attack.
Single Coyotes pose very little risk to large dogs, but when a pack of coyotes is present even a large dog is at risk. Coyotes are generally more aggressive in the winter months as it is their breeding season. Small dogs are a more likely meal for a coyote. Keep your pets inside at night watch them carefully when they are outside during the day. Coyotes can jump over a six foot fence pretty easily, so a fenced yard isn’t always the best defense. When walking your dog through the neighborhood or while hiking,  keep him or her on a short leash. Retractable leashes are discouraged as they allow too much space away from you for your dog. A short leash allows you to be proactive when you see a coyote as you can quickly pick the dog up or pull them near you for protection. Carrying a flash light and something that will make noise such as a whistle is also a good idea. Do not allow your dog to play with or get near the coyote.

At times, Coyotes may not seem scared about being near a human.  It is not normal for a coyote to attack a human and if it tries, it is most likely ill. When you see a Coyote-stop approaching it’s area.  There have been instances of Coyotes following a human and their pet on a walk, at a safe distance. Do not let your dog chase the Coyote if something like this occurs. Always allow the Coyote a route to run away from you.  Deter the Coyote by shouting at it, using your noise making device or by waving your arms. If they Coyote continues to approach you and your pet, deter it by throwing rocks or sticks in it’s direction. Always maintain eye contact with the Coyote. Do not turn your back on the Coyote and run away as the Coyote may chase you. A Coyote will generally retreat a short distance and then turn to look at you. Continue to deter it by telling it to go away and waving your arms or stomping your feet until it has fully disappeared.

Remember, Coyotes are opportunistic. Do what you can to reduce the opportunities for them to attack  your pet.