Car Safety for Dogs

by romagroomer

We have all seen it and smiled…the open mouthed pup with their head out the card window and their tongue flapping in the breeze. The dog looks happy, as if it has figured out that doing this very thing is the secret to life. When your dog does this, you feel that in his mind he is thinking, “this is the best day, ever!”

All to frequently this moment of happiness can turn horrific. Accidents happen. Dogs jump and accidentally fall from car windows. They can become injured or worse when this happens, as you are generally driving in traffic. It is said that 98% of dogs do not travel properly restrained in a moving vehicle. And we have all seen it. Even if your pup doesn’t fall out of the vehicle, he can still be thrown around the car or he my become a dangerous projectile, potentially injuring himself, you or other drivers when riding unrestrained.

For the safety of your pet, secure them with a harness while traveling. There are several types of safe harnesses for your pet to utilize in the car. Many of them work in tandem with the safety belts in your vehicle. In addition, there are pet car seats, crates and car barriers to keep your pet secured in the back of your vehicle. These safety precautions will protect your pet and you from harmful and tragic accidents. Most dog owners buckle up when driving their vehicles. Keep your furry friend safe and buckle them in too!