The Benefits of Pet Adoption

by romagroomer


When considering a new pet it is important to understand that you are taking on a 10-15 year commitment. People are trying on pets like they would a new pair of shoes. They rush into bringing a new puppy or kitten home without researching the breed, or thinking about whether or not the animal is conducive to their lifestyle. Imagine if a distance runner bought a pair of pink patent leather heels for their next marathon. The shoes may have looked amazing on, but they aren’t very practical for running long distances! We live in a time where everything is disposable. We lease our cars for 3 to 5 years and then we get a new one. As soon as the iPad 2 was on the market, we abandoned the iPad for the new and improved version. Our clothing changes with the seasons. We aren’t accustomed to having much of anything for 10-15 years. Pets should not be as easily dismissed, but unfortunately many of them are.

Once you have determined that you are ready to take the next step, you need to decide if you will adopt an animal, or buy an animal. Whatever your decision, please consider your options carefully and research what breed will fit your lifestyle best. Many shelter employees can help you to choose a pet that fits your style of living and personality. Bringing a new pet home should not be a trial and error experiment. You should run through each hypothesis beforehand, so that you will get the best results! If you prefer to take baby steps, become a foster family for a shelter animal! Over time, you will learn if you are ready for the commitment.

So, what are the benefits of adopting a pet?

In many cases, you are saving a life. It isn’t the breeder’s fault that there are so many dogs and cats in the shelters. Obviously, someone paid for the animal and for any multitude of reasons; they gave it away to the shelter. There are many amazing dog breeders in the world who lovingly raise their dogs in a safe environment. If there is a demand for the animals, it isn’t an over breeding problem. For any number of reasons cats and dogs become homeless. Shelter dogs and shelter cats are not bad animals. They are simply abandoned, which isn’t their fault. Just fewer than 4 Million sheltered dogs are euthanized each year. When you adopt one of those loving pooches, you are saving a life.

We work closely with several Los Angeles Rescues including Best Friends Animal Society, Downtown Dog Rescue and the Amanda Foundation

These are our babies!

These are our babies!


Some will argue that they are looking for a particular breed, so buying from a breeder is more convenient. While at times this may be true, there are hundreds of breed specific rescues around the country. Some people really want to adopt a puppy, and again, buying from a breeder seems justified. There are puppies in shelters as well, and they need homes to grow up in. Although it may take a little longer to find and adopt the puppy that best fits your family, petting the many dogs along the way will make the journey worth the wait.

If you choose to buy your dog from a breeder, the cost can be anywhere from $300-$5000 depending on the breed. Adoption from a rescue or shelter for a dog can be free, donation based or completed for a minimal fee which normally ranges from $50-$150.It is more cost effective to adopt a pet, and give him or her a second chance at life.

Instant satisfaction. This does not imply that one should run out and get a pet on a whim. It simply means that if you go to your local animal shelter or rescue and fall in love with the perfect pet then you can normally bring him or her home that day. On the other hand, good breeders will generally have a wait list of several months to years. This means you may need to wait much longer to bring your new pet home.

Most ethical breeders will not sell their animals to pet stores. They will invite you to come to their home, to see where the puppies and kittens are raised, and to meet the parents of the newly born. You will be able to see the grass they play in, and the areas they rest in. A great fear is the puppy farm industry, where so many dogs are raised in terrible conditions. Purchasing a puppy farm dog is almost like giving them the thumbs up for underfeeding and overcrowding their animals. If your decision is to buy your pet, always buy directly from the breeder.

Go to your local animal shelter, animal rescue or humane society and visit the animals. Let the employees know what you want in your pet. If they don’t have your perfect dog or cat there, they will often help you to find one because they want every abandoned animal to have a loving home. Many of them will take your information so they can contact you if a fitting animal arrives at their establishment. If you are a Facebook user, almost every animal shelter has a page, and they regularly post adoption fairs and new animals looking for love on their pages. Please think about having a pet and what it means before taking the leap. Once you are ready to commitment to your new animal, both of you will live happily ever after.

We would love to meet your beautiful babies, whether you choose to adopt or patronize a breeder!  We proudly offer our mobile pet grooming services to Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Bel Air, Santa Monica, Pacific Palisades, Malibu, Studio City, Sherman Oaks, Encino, Topanga Canyon & West Hollywood!