Bathing Between Visits with Your Pet Groomer

by romagroomer


One of your dog groomers biggest jobs is bathing and drying your pet!

After brushing your pet, it is time for a bath! It is a good idea to place a cotton ball inside the dog’s ears prior to bathing. This will help to prevent ear infections and it will keep the ears dry. Most dogs should be bathed every four weeks. Human shampoo should never be used because the pH balance is harmful to your dog’s skin, which can lead to rashes and skin irritations. If you and your dog have very active lifestyles and more frequent bathing is necessary, be sure to use a very mild shampoo that is chemical free with a natural base such as Earth Bath. Don’t forget to use a conditioner on your dog’s fur! Be sure to thoroughly wash the shampoo and conditioner from your dog’s body. Residue from the products can dry out your furry friend’s skin and can cause irritation.  After the bath, you need to dry your pet. Air drying your pet is best, especially if you have a long haired dog as wet long fur easily creates mats. If you are drying your dog with an at home hair dryer, be aware of how hot the air is on your dog’s skin. If your dog is afraid of the air dryer, try to introduce him or her slowly and towel dry in the meantime. If you are not a professional pet groomer, a towel dry is an option as you can easily dry out or burn your pets skin with an at home hair dryer.

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