The Story of Forty

by romagroomer

World meet “Forty” an adorable beautiful Maltese mix male that we had the privilege to meet and groom in Watts’ low cost spay & neuter event two weeks ago.


This is His story: Forty showed up tucked in a small carrier matted from head to toe. It was apparent that he was frightened and lacked basic hygiene and care. After a quick conversation with his owner I realized that he is looking to sell him… I knew I had to get this baby out of this environment and onto a new happy life. The good people of Downtown Dog Rescue agreed to take Forty and find him a home so off we went to the ATM. $40, that’s what it took to get a hold on this little angel! Roma ushered him in the van and the pampering began! Forty had many large matts all over so Roma gave him a good shave down that revealed a sweet pink healthy skin. Next Forty got a few baths and blueberry facial, yummy! Throughout the grooming session Forty was calm & sweet, he let Roma do it all, like he knew exactly what he needed. After it was all done we witnessed Forty in all his glory, beautiful clean and fresh… Forty was ready to conquer the world! Image

And so he did, less than 24 hours after his transformation Forty found his forever loving home!!! We were so happy – elated – at the wonderful news. This sweet baby has gone from rags to riches and it warms our heart to know that he gets the love and affection he deserves. We love you Forty! We would like to thank Lori for agreeing to take Forty in and especially Debra for taking Forty home and placing him with his loving mom. This is what it’s all about.Image