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Simple Summer Treat for Your Dog – Popsicles

This simple idea will be tasty and refreshing for your pup! Freeze chicken broth or apple juice into an ice cube tray. On a hot day, let your dog enjoy this frozen treat! You can get fancy, and make them in these Bone Shaped Ice Cube Trays available here on Amazon!




My dog runs to the door each time the phone rings because we order delivery so often.

My dog lays down for big dogs and for tiny dogs each time we pass one on the street.

My dog toots when he presses into a standing position.

My dog plays with his treats before eating them. That’s how I know he really likes it.

My dog growls and chirps in his sleep.

My dog hasn’t found his balance when peeing with a leg raised so he arches his back and wavers.

My dog hides under the coffee table when it is time for me to go to work.

When I stop petting my dog and he wants me to keep going, he paws at my hand until I start again.

When my dog is very comfortable and sitting while I pet him, he sometimes falls asleep and tips over. Just now, while I was writing this, it happened.

My dog pees when he is excited, it looks like a Jackson Pollock painting because he runs and wiggles while he does it.



And, things changed.

I haven’t always had a dog, but I had wanted one for about 15 years. And then it happened. He came home. It was absolutely wonderful! And, things changed.

Before, I slept in until 10 or 11 in the morning on the weekends. I treasured my morning dreams while the soft sunlight filtered through my blinds. It was almost magical to wake up and lay in bed on Saturday morning. When the puppy came home, I celebrated sleeping until 7am. I do not dream in the glow of the morning sun any more, but I also do not need to use an alarm clock…ever. I’d rather wake up to gentle puppy kisses and the slowly racing tail wag of my pup than to the abrupt beeping of an alarm clock-even if it is before the rest of the world wakes up!

Before, I would only go outside in the morning when it was time to leave my house. Since the arrival of my pup, I have explored my neighborhood and discovered a whole new adoration for it. I have seen the sun hit the Hollywood sign in a way that makes it look like it is lit. I have seen deer and coyotes and discovered local hiking trails. Before, a squirrel was just a fuzzy creature in the trees and now-well, now it is a fuzzy-toy-that-my-puppy-must-have in the trees! Before, a poop mound on the side walk was something to carefully avoid stepping in and now a poop mound on the side walk belongs to my puppy and I clean it up. Before, a walk was usually to go grab food and drinks with friends. Now-wait, that hasn’t really changed! But, it also is something that I look forward to doing with my dog each day, right after he wakes up at 6:30 in the morning.

Before, I used to get out of the shower and step onto the floor mat to protect my toes from the cold tile. Now, I step onto the very corner of the mat as my puppy is usually laying peacefully in the middle of it, just waiting for me to get out.

Before, I used to eat my meals without an audience. My puppy likes to sit, tilt his head and stare at me while I eat. It is as if the food I am consuming is the last bite available on earth. I, of course, can not resist the will of his sweet eyes, so I always share.

Before, when I misplaced my shirt, my shoes or my sweater I only had myself to blame. Now, I find my belongings stashed in hiding places where I certainly did not leave them. This phenomenon makes it much more difficult to locate the match to my flip flop. Which brings me to my next change. Before, I used to buy flip flops about once a year. Now I buy them every couple of months due to them tasting quite delicious.

Before, when I had a long day and got home from work-I’d still think about my day. Now, when I walk through the door and the little one wiggles his butt and walks in circles around me…I forget everything. There is truly nothing like seeing his face when I have had a difficult day.

Before, there was a lot of room on our favorite chair. Now, the three of us tetris our way into fitting on it together.

Before, when invited to go do something with friends, I’d just go. Now I ask if my dog can come, too! Hiking is more fun. Running is more fun. Pool parties are more fun. Dinner parties are more fun. Having a dog just makes life more fun!

Before, I’d watch a movie when I wanted to not think about things for a while and escape to another world. Now, I watch my dog play with a toy or another dog and before I know it I am narrating his thoughts and disappearing into his world.

Before, when I walked around the house the only thing that followed me was my shadow. Now, everywhere I go there are tiny curious footsteps beside me and my shadow.

Things were different before. I was able to do anything I wanted, whenever I wanted to do it and however I wanted to do it. But now, I have this amazing dog that changed it all. And, I wouldn’t change any of the changes, for anything!



First Aid Supplies Every Dog Owner Should Have

First-Aid-for-Your-PetYou most likely have a medicine cabinet in your bathroom with first aid supplies like Band-aids, Rubbing Alcohol and Neosporin. Every pet owner should have a few basic pet first aid supplies in their medicine cabinet as well.  The recommended items are:

Self-Cling Bandage or Gauze Roll


Antiseptic Wipes or Spray

Topical Antibiotic Ointment

Hot/Cold Pack

Insect Sting Relief Wipes

Hydrogen Peroxide [for inducing vomit. Always contact your veterinarian before inducing vomiting]


Cotton Balls

Dog Booties to cover injured feet

Your pet’s vaccination documentation

The phone number for your Veterinarian

If your pet is prone to allergies, it is also good to have plain Benadryl available.

Many pet stores and online vendors have ready made kits for in your home, for traveling and for in your car. Purchasing a first aid book about pet first aid is highly recommended as well. Accidents happen, and when they do it is best to be prepared!

Coyotes in California – Protect your Pet

coyote-safetyThere are many urban landscapes in California that are home to Coyotes and Humans alike. Most coyotes have a home range of about 8 miles and they can be spotted at any time of day. Typically they are seen trotting through neighborhoods at dusk and at dawn. Coyotes are naturally curious, however they will usually retreat when challenged by a human. Given that over half of the homes in America have a dog, there is a good chance that your pet will encounter a Coyote. When walking your dog or allowing your pet time in the back yard, remember a few helpful tips to keep them safe from a coyote attack.
Single Coyotes pose very little risk to large dogs, but when a pack of coyotes is present even a large dog is at risk. Coyotes are generally more aggressive in the winter months as it is their breeding season. Small dogs are a more likely meal for a coyote. Keep your pets inside at night watch them carefully when they are outside during the day. Coyotes can jump over a six foot fence pretty easily, so a fenced yard isn’t always the best defense. When walking your dog through the neighborhood or while hiking,  keep him or her on a short leash. Retractable leashes are discouraged as they allow too much space away from you for your dog. A short leash allows you to be proactive when you see a coyote as you can quickly pick the dog up or pull them near you for protection. Carrying a flash light and something that will make noise such as a whistle is also a good idea. Do not allow your dog to play with or get near the coyote.

At times, Coyotes may not seem scared about being near a human.  It is not normal for a coyote to attack a human and if it tries, it is most likely ill. When you see a Coyote-stop approaching it’s area.  There have been instances of Coyotes following a human and their pet on a walk, at a safe distance. Do not let your dog chase the Coyote if something like this occurs. Always allow the Coyote a route to run away from you.  Deter the Coyote by shouting at it, using your noise making device or by waving your arms. If they Coyote continues to approach you and your pet, deter it by throwing rocks or sticks in it’s direction. Always maintain eye contact with the Coyote. Do not turn your back on the Coyote and run away as the Coyote may chase you. A Coyote will generally retreat a short distance and then turn to look at you. Continue to deter it by telling it to go away and waving your arms or stomping your feet until it has fully disappeared.

Remember, Coyotes are opportunistic. Do what you can to reduce the opportunities for them to attack  your pet.

Car Safety for Dogs

We have all seen it and smiled…the open mouthed pup with their head out the card window and their tongue flapping in the breeze. The dog looks happy, as if it has figured out that doing this very thing is the secret to life. When your dog does this, you feel that in his mind he is thinking, “this is the best day, ever!”

All to frequently this moment of happiness can turn horrific. Accidents happen. Dogs jump and accidentally fall from car windows. They can become injured or worse when this happens, as you are generally driving in traffic. It is said that 98% of dogs do not travel properly restrained in a moving vehicle. And we have all seen it. Even if your pup doesn’t fall out of the vehicle, he can still be thrown around the car or he my become a dangerous projectile, potentially injuring himself, you or other drivers when riding unrestrained.

For the safety of your pet, secure them with a harness while traveling. There are several types of safe harnesses for your pet to utilize in the car. Many of them work in tandem with the safety belts in your vehicle. In addition, there are pet car seats, crates and car barriers to keep your pet secured in the back of your vehicle. These safety precautions will protect your pet and you from harmful and tragic accidents. Most dog owners buckle up when driving their vehicles. Keep your furry friend safe and buckle them in too!


Best Friends Pets Available for Adoption…

Hi everybody, another fun day at the center with some beautiful doggies that need good forever homes.
Laurel is a beautiful female pit with loving eyes and gentle nature. She “came in” for nails but ended up getting the whole nine yards and we loved every minute spent with her. Laurel is all about Kisses, cookies & love.
Next came Spots, a tiny female pit with the kindest soul, she got a medicated shampoo and a towel dry because she is a baby! She was so gentle, tender and loving and in spite her shyness she gave us love like no other. Spots is a heartbreaker, really special.
Apple is a energetic gorgeous female pit mix. She was so energetic and playful and would make a wonderful pet. She is not a big fan of water but was very good in the tub and braved two baths!
Next came Marvel a beautiful Shih tzu mix (Lhasa Apse?) male. Marvel was sweet and well behaved even in the tub… Roma cleared his face a bit to show his beautiful eyes!
For desert we had Coco, a shy & timid chow mix female. She needed some good brushing and a special two oatmeal-bath-event followed. She was a happy camper, and so were we.
Love you all and wish that you babies will find a good loving home soon.
[For more information on these amazing pups, please contact Best Friends in Mission Hills: 15321 Brand Blvd | Mission Hills, California 91345 (at Sepulveda convenient to the 405, 5 & 118 freeway) | 818-643-3989

Why Should You Spay or Neuter Your Pet?

We work closely with several animal shelters in the Los Angeles are and it breaks our hearts to see so many homeless souls.

We work closely with several animal shelters in the Los Angeles are and it breaks our hearts to see so many homeless souls.

There are so many misconceptions about spaying and neutering animals. Let’s try to clear some of those up, so that everyone will see the benefits of this simple procedure. When spaying a female animal, the veterinarian will remove the ovaries and uterus. Neutering a male animal is the removal of the testicles. Both surgeries render the animal infertile. These two procedures are routine and very affordable surgeries that can make a vast difference in not only your pet’s life, but it can also change the lives of animals in your area.

What are the benefits? Statistics show that spayed and neutered animals live one to three years longer than animals that keep their reproductive organs. By spaying your female pet, you spare her the discomfort of being in heat and you will prevent her from ovarian cancer. Likewise, if you neuter your male pet, you remove any chance of prostate problems or cancer. Thousands of animals are killed by cars each year because they are roaming while looking for a mate. Wondering isn’t as likely with a spayed or neutered animal. “Fixing” your pet also reduces the number of unwanted baby animals that ultimately wind up alone on the street, or in shelters. Some shelters, known as kill shelters, can’t keep the animals for their entire lives. Between three and four million animals are euthanized each year, which is far too many unwanted pets.

In addition to keeping your pet safe and healthy, spaying and neutering also helps control the pet population. Did you know that there are more cats and dogs born each year than there are humans? This means there will never be enough homes for the animals. According to PETA, one female and her offspring can produce up to 67,000 puppies or kittens in only six years. It is so important for the wellbeing of pets everywhere that you take responsibility and spay or neuter your animal. If this surgery was done more, there would be less shelter and rescue dogs in need of a loving home.

When can you make the appointment with your vet? Most animals should be spayed or neutered before they are six months old. It is best to complete the surgery before they reach sexual maturity. The younger the animal is, the more quickly they can recover. Kittens and puppies often return to their regular routine within one or two days. A common misconception is that spaying or neutering will cause your pet to become lazy or overweight, which simply isn’t the case. The pet owner is 100% responsible for the health of the pet. If you overfeed and under exercise your pet, he or she will develop these problems. Another belief is that your pet will feel less masculine or less feminine after the procedure. Your pet doesn’t have a sense of sexual identity, and therefor they will not feel any sort of change. Spaying and neutering is one of the best health precautions that you can take for your pet. This routine surgery will help both your pet and pets everywhere to live a long and healthy life.

The Benefits of Pet Adoption


When considering a new pet it is important to understand that you are taking on a 10-15 year commitment. People are trying on pets like they would a new pair of shoes. They rush into bringing a new puppy or kitten home without researching the breed, or thinking about whether or not the animal is conducive to their lifestyle. Imagine if a distance runner bought a pair of pink patent leather heels for their next marathon. The shoes may have looked amazing on, but they aren’t very practical for running long distances! We live in a time where everything is disposable. We lease our cars for 3 to 5 years and then we get a new one. As soon as the iPad 2 was on the market, we abandoned the iPad for the new and improved version. Our clothing changes with the seasons. We aren’t accustomed to having much of anything for 10-15 years. Pets should not be as easily dismissed, but unfortunately many of them are.

Once you have determined that you are ready to take the next step, you need to decide if you will adopt an animal, or buy an animal. Whatever your decision, please consider your options carefully and research what breed will fit your lifestyle best. Many shelter employees can help you to choose a pet that fits your style of living and personality. Bringing a new pet home should not be a trial and error experiment. You should run through each hypothesis beforehand, so that you will get the best results! If you prefer to take baby steps, become a foster family for a shelter animal! Over time, you will learn if you are ready for the commitment.

So, what are the benefits of adopting a pet?

In many cases, you are saving a life. It isn’t the breeder’s fault that there are so many dogs and cats in the shelters. Obviously, someone paid for the animal and for any multitude of reasons; they gave it away to the shelter. There are many amazing dog breeders in the world who lovingly raise their dogs in a safe environment. If there is a demand for the animals, it isn’t an over breeding problem. For any number of reasons cats and dogs become homeless. Shelter dogs and shelter cats are not bad animals. They are simply abandoned, which isn’t their fault. Just fewer than 4 Million sheltered dogs are euthanized each year. When you adopt one of those loving pooches, you are saving a life.

We work closely with several Los Angeles Rescues including Best Friends Animal Society, Downtown Dog Rescue and the Amanda Foundation

These are our babies!

These are our babies!


Some will argue that they are looking for a particular breed, so buying from a breeder is more convenient. While at times this may be true, there are hundreds of breed specific rescues around the country. Some people really want to adopt a puppy, and again, buying from a breeder seems justified. There are puppies in shelters as well, and they need homes to grow up in. Although it may take a little longer to find and adopt the puppy that best fits your family, petting the many dogs along the way will make the journey worth the wait.

If you choose to buy your dog from a breeder, the cost can be anywhere from $300-$5000 depending on the breed. Adoption from a rescue or shelter for a dog can be free, donation based or completed for a minimal fee which normally ranges from $50-$150.It is more cost effective to adopt a pet, and give him or her a second chance at life.

Instant satisfaction. This does not imply that one should run out and get a pet on a whim. It simply means that if you go to your local animal shelter or rescue and fall in love with the perfect pet then you can normally bring him or her home that day. On the other hand, good breeders will generally have a wait list of several months to years. This means you may need to wait much longer to bring your new pet home.

Most ethical breeders will not sell their animals to pet stores. They will invite you to come to their home, to see where the puppies and kittens are raised, and to meet the parents of the newly born. You will be able to see the grass they play in, and the areas they rest in. A great fear is the puppy farm industry, where so many dogs are raised in terrible conditions. Purchasing a puppy farm dog is almost like giving them the thumbs up for underfeeding and overcrowding their animals. If your decision is to buy your pet, always buy directly from the breeder.

Go to your local animal shelter, animal rescue or humane society and visit the animals. Let the employees know what you want in your pet. If they don’t have your perfect dog or cat there, they will often help you to find one because they want every abandoned animal to have a loving home. Many of them will take your information so they can contact you if a fitting animal arrives at their establishment. If you are a Facebook user, almost every animal shelter has a page, and they regularly post adoption fairs and new animals looking for love on their pages. Please think about having a pet and what it means before taking the leap. Once you are ready to commitment to your new animal, both of you will live happily ever after.

We would love to meet your beautiful babies, whether you choose to adopt or patronize a breeder!  We proudly offer our mobile pet grooming services to Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Bel Air, Santa Monica, Pacific Palisades, Malibu, Studio City, Sherman Oaks, Encino, Topanga Canyon & West Hollywood!

What is aRomatherapy?

We proudly offer aromatherapy pet grooming to all of our four legged clients!

We proudly offer aromatherapy pet grooming to all of our four legged clients!

Aromatherapy is a form of alternative medicine utilizing essential oils and aromatic compounds. These oils will improve one’s mental state, mood, functionality and health. Aromatherapy for pets is used the same way it is for humans. There are several ways and techniques to utilize aromatherapy.

Some essential oils are used to permeate the air in the form of incense, candles or sprays. One simply inhales the air naturally and the desired effect will occur over time. Other oils are applied topically in the form of massage or baths. These oils will not only infuse the air, but will also nourish the skin.

The essential oils are extracted from plants and are all natural. People have been practicing aromatherapy techniques for hundreds of years and the benefits can be monumental. Essential oils and aromatherapy can be used to prevent disease, reduce pain and anxiety and they can induce relaxation.

At aRomatherapy Mobile Pet Grooming, we use several techniques and essential oils. We are known for our Signature Blueberry Facial. Blueberries are rich in vitamin A which is great for dry skin, vitamin E which is promotes healthy skin and nails and vitamin C which helps the immune system to remain strong. You can learn more about the aromatherapy pet grooming products aRomatherapy Mobile Pet Grooming uses on our website.

We are mobile! We can come to you at your home, office or hotel.  We proudly offer our mobile pet grooming services to Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Bel Air, Santa Monica, Pacific Palisades, Malibu, Studio City, Sherman Oaks, Encino, Topanga Canyon & West Hollywood!